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  My hair is the longest and healthiest it has ever been. Strangers come up to me and compliment me on it. I never knew how much guy's liked long shinny hair. Ha~ The color looks so natural and it leaves my hair feeling wonderful. All my life I've always worn it shorter or kept it up. You've shown me how beautiful my hair could really be. Thanks Susan.

-- Donna DeArmond, Los Gatos

  Susan definitely knows how to take care of your hair, whether it be for the prom or just a haircut. She knows exactly what she's doing and how to make you look your best. I'm so glad I found a stylist I can trust.

-- Malika Morar, San Jose

  When I asked a co-worker for a referral to who ever was doing her hair, she sent me to Susan. My hair is so much healthier than it's ever been. The bottom of my hair is as healthy as the top of my hair. I had no idea it could be this long and be in this kind of condition. Susan corrected my color also. Now I have the hair color that feel's right for my skin tone. My husband is its greatest fan!!!!! Thanks Susan

-- Debra Bierley-Williams San Jose