CONDITION: The basic health of hair directly affects its appearance! Healthy hair just naturally looks and moves better. Customizing appropriate conditioning products for the restoration of your hair's health will seem as if magic has happened! Absolutely, the most important thing you can do for your hair is keep it healthy. The very best cut or color doesn't look good on a broom!

COLOR: European colors (which I use) create believable, natural looking hair color, which does not fade as other color products do. Blending hair color/tones to your skin tone is a key part of customizing your color. In hair coloring, the application is equally as important as the formulation. The magic of color correction is available to those of you reading this too late.  

CUT: A "good" hair cut can magically transform a person's appearance by working appropriately with your own hair:
  1. Hair texture: fine, coarse, straight, or natural curl
  2. Length: short, long, soft blended ends or blunt cut
  3. Facial bone structure: oval, square, round, oblong, and correcting through the art of illusion. Combining all of these things will create design lines especially for you. Just like a great suit, if it's cut to fit you, it has to look good on you!
CURL: If your hair has more natural curl than you would like we can straighten it. If your hair is too straight, we can create just the amount of curl needed to magically hold your style, or even transform it into a head of hair with natural looking curl.