feel as I have been very blessed when it comes to my career. I have been given so many incredible opportunities. I attended Ponce, the highest rated private school, by California's State Board of Cosmetology. I finished top of my class at Ponce and also in taking my State Board exams. This allowed me the opportunity to apprentice and be mentored by one of the finest women our field has known. Gere, of Gere's Casa De Bellesa. There she took me under her wing and upstairs to her private salon and taught me everything she knew about the art of hair coloring, and design. Then how to own and operate a salon of my own. It took me years to fully understand the magnitude of these blessings.

od gave me a sensitive eye for color, my mother taught me about design principles, and they both gave me a heart to try to help people. This combination made it obvious to me...a life in hairdressing would be very satisfying and fulfilling…and so it has been, for 25 years now.

y vision for my business 'Susan Douglass & Hair' is simple. To give people the best hair they've ever had in their life! Through a combination of restoring it to it's most beautiful healthy self, along with formulating truly fabulous hair color, with maximum shine.

now find myself working with friends I have known forever it seems. Together we share a full service Salon, where sometimes I really do have to just stop…and give Thanks…for all the happiness and joy this life of hair dressing has blessed me with.

special thank you to those of you reading this, you know who you are. We have been together forever it seems. I just want to stop and thank you, you are what I love most about this business.